Degree Program page:

At Mt Song, one of our chief goals is to promote self-expression in the martial arts. Our program accomplishes this is by permitting each student to help in building his or her own training program.
How it Works:

After students have completed the undergraduate curriculum, (approx. 4 years) and developed a strong foundation in the basics of Wushu or Tai ji, there are numerous options for specialization in a subject of interest, similar to choosing a graduate degree at a university. Each specialization takes approximately two to three years to complete.*

Some areas of specialization include:

Shaolin (Traditional) Forms
Modern Wushu
Yang Tai Qi
Chen Tai Qi
Straight Sword
Long weapons (long spear, guan dao, pu dao, tiger fork)
Short weapons (fan, flute, hook swords, double daggers)
Flexible weapons (whip chain, rope dart, 3-section and 2-section staff)
Animal Styles (tiger, snake, mantis, leopard, and/or monkey)
Drunken Style (hand and weapons)
Tai Qi Weapons

Alternatively, students interested in becoming Wushu or Tai qi instructors may take our instructor certification program, which takes approximately 4-5 years to complete, and covers many areas of specialization.

Please note! This is not a generic black belt program. If you are looking for a black belt, you will not find one here. All testing at Mt Song is done to evaluate progress and help students improve their training. Report cards are given to students after testing rather than a rank. Here, belts and certifications mean little compared to skill and ability to use one’s martial arts knowledge.

*Timelines for completing curriculum are estimates only. As with any martial art, progress will depend on time invested in practicing, effort, and individual skill and learning pace. All students are encouraged to go at their own speed learning a new martial art.