Coach Megan Westerman:

Coach Megan Westerman has trained in Kung fu, Tai ji, and Sanda under Shifu Salazar since 2007, and currently serves as kung fu instructor for both adults and kids classes at Mt. Song. She  is also Mt Song's Demo Team leader as well as lead performer and has been performing with demo team since 2009.
Coach Megan began her training in traditional martial arts in 1995 at the age of 9, in the study of traditional Shorin-ryu karate. She earned earned her 1st degree black belt in from the Okinawan Shorin-ryu Karate-do school in Orlando in 2004, where she also worked as assistant instructor from 2001-2005 before moving to Tampa.
After graduating from USF with a degree in Biomedical sciences in 2009, Megan travelled to China where she lived study Mandarin language and . In 2011, she was honored with the title of “Jiao Lian” (Coach) by the Grandmaster while her training at Grandmaster De Yang's school (Shaolin Wu Seng Hou Bei Dui) .
Megan is a multiple-time Gold-medalist in the ICMAC kung fu circuit, and ICMAC Grand Champion in women's traditional Northern kung fu forms and weapons in 2011, 2012, and 2019.
In 2019, she was a finalist and bronze medalist in the Taiwanese . Later in 2019, she qualified to compete for the USA Traditional Kung fu Team at the 9th World Kung fu Championships originally scheduled to be held in China in 2021 (rescheduling TBA due to COVID pandemic).
Megan is also group leader and coordinator of Mt Song's annual Cultural Exchange Trip to China, in which students can tour famous sites and train in kung fu and/or tai ji.
 “My goal as a coach is to help students challenge them selves and constantly improve in their physical abilities and mental character.”
-Coach Megan

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