Yin Yang Tai chi & kungfu straight sword


The Yin yang Kung Fu/ Tai Chi Wudang Straight Sword.
This sword is made in the Wudang Mt area, and is a nice well balanced sword for traditional Kung fu and Tai chi practice. The blade tip is flexible yet sword can hold it’s own weight. Acceptable for traditional competition weapons requirements.

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This well-balanced, top-of-the-line competition tai chi / Kungfu sword features a flattened-diamond blade design. Sword blade is composed of high-quality polished finish manganese steel.
Scabbard it a hand made from pear wood with yin yang Fittings.

Product includes red tassel, scabbard and Sword

Size #4

The size is good for the height
Between 5.4 to 5.5 feet

Blade length 30″
Overall length: 40″

Sword weight: 1 lbs 4 oz
Total weight: 2.75 lbs

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